delicious meals
at hand's reach

2-5 minutes – this is the time you have to wait to receive a nutritious meal

every detail

While designing our Bistrobot Machine we have set our mindset on perfection. Every detail of our machine was designed and tested with great care. Tens of prototypes, breakthrough mechanical and electronic solutions.
We are very excited to present our creation.
We believe that it will be a feast not only for your taste-buds.

beauty on the outside
advanced technology on the inside

Sophisticated and elegant exterior encompasses highly advanced technologically system, which integrates original heating system, mechanical transports and dedicated freezing unit and many, many more…


We create breakthrough solutions
in the field of vending machines


Revolutionary technology
of Hybrid Heating


We are experts
in various fields


When you buy our solutions
you can rest assured that
you will get only the highest
level of customer care


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